Grid Calculator 1.3

August 27, 2009

A new ver­sion of the excel­lent Grid Cal­cu­la­tor has been released for the Mac. The main fea­ture of this upgrade is the abil­ity to cal­cu­late grids for web design.

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Making Grids in Illustrator 2

June 29, 2009

The sec­ond part to Sig­ur­dur Armanns­son excel­lent arti­cle on cre­at­ing grid sys­tems in Adobe Illus­tra­tor. This arti­cle is based around the grid sys­tem devel­oped by Mar­cus Gärde.

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Golden Ratio Calculator

January 27, 2009

Cal­cu­late the golden ratio of a set width on the fly with this online and OS X wid­get based calculator.

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Grid Calculator

December 29, 2008

Soft­ware for pro­fes­sional design­ers want­ing to cre­ate a per­fect grid, in just a cou­ple of min­utes. It’s ideal for projects such as book and mag­a­zine design, logo, retail, web­de­sign and more.

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Baseline Rhythm Calculator

November 21, 2008

Gen­er­ate a basic CSS stylesheet with the proper cal­cu­la­tions for a con­sis­tent baseline.

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